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Paywall Coming...

We’re going to keep this short and sweet. Starting in September, the bulk of ASA’s content will be behind a modest paywall. At it’s outset, ASA operated behind a paywall, but some time ago we felt that the content offering wasn’t paywall-viable. However, it has always been our goal to build up ASA’s quantitative offering to warrant a paywall, and we feel that with football season looming now is the time for such. Brandon and I sincerely appreciate the engagement, feedback, and support you all have provided in the re-launch of ASA in 2019, and we hope that you find our content compelling enough to continue along for the ride. As much as we want ASA’s tools to be in the hands of as many DFS, season-long, and sports gambling players, we have poured a lot of time and a modest amount of capital into ASA such that some revenue is needed to keep the train moving.

So what can you expect in the immediate future? ASA will continue to operate without a paywall for the rest of August. You will have unconstrained access to all of our MLB and PGA tools for the rest of the moth, and can continue to poke around with our expanding fleet of NFL tools, some of which will be updated for preseason games, others which will be programmed strictly to be ready for Week 1 of the regular season.

Starting September 1, all applications will be moved behind a paywall. All podcast and blog content (we’re hoping to do more of these for football season) will remain accessible free of charge, but our bread and butter tools will be behind a paywall. All tools across all sports can be accessed through a membership fee of $40/month. I repeat, $40 a month, for unlimited access to NFL, MLB, NBA, and PGA tools.

If you’re reading this, you probably aren’t a “new” visitor, but we will have a demo apps section available where new visitors can utilize our applications with a small subset of data (i.e. NFL point total projections for AFC East teams, strokes gained distributions for the top 10 golfers). Our raw data download tools will remain free and outside of the paywall as well.

We’re working on the back end now, but subscriptions can be set to auto-renew or renewed manually on a monthly basis. Any subscription started in the middle of a month will be prorated and processed the following month.