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ASA Upcoming Initiatives

With NBA DFS on hold for the All Star Break, we are offered a moment to take a break from infrastructure maintenance and new content development, and to take some time to think about how we want to grow ASA's offering with the NBA season winding down and the MLB season upon the horizon.

But before we jump into the future of ASA, I do want to take a quick moment to summarize our work over the last four months or so. About four months ago, we made a recommitment to re-booting ASA. This started with developing a detailed and consistent data infrastructure for NFL, NBA, and MLB data. We have that infrastructure in place, and I'm very excited with the possibilities for quantitative content that lie before us. We kicked this off with the development of a series of web applications that are aimed to help you improve your lineup construction and game selection by paying close attention to the vast data from past NBA games and the DFS contest that you yourself have competed in. We've found these tools to be helpful in improving our own play, and we hope that you have to.

NBA Content: Now Through Season's End
With the NBA season winding down, we've determined that there isn't much value add to working on developing new NBA tools before the end of the season. With baseball season fast approaching, there is more value add to focusing content development towards MLB. We will continue to run our pre-existing NBA content without charge and in the fresh-daily manner that we have all of 2019. We will also try to make some small modifications to pre-existing content to improve user experience. For example, there have been requests to add Yahoo! fantasy metrics to our apps. We will work on doing this sooner rather than later. To that note, if there are any user experience tweaks that you would like to see made to our apps, please reach out to us either through the feedback widget on the site or through Twitter. 

I think a goal we have wanted to achieve before end of season was to create a projection algorithm. But given the short time before playoffs, and the fact that the NBA is now entering a phase where historical data is less projectable for future outcomes (NBA lineups and rotations are getting weird and will only get weirder as the season draws to a close), this isn't a high priority for us. I'm hopeful that during the summer, when baseball and our MLB content is hitting its stride, we will have time to take a look back at NBA and NFL seasons and create smart projection algorithms for both.

MLB Content: The Countdown to Opening Day is On
With Opening day a mere six weeks away, we will make rolling out MLB content our top priority. We want you all to have content to look over before the season starts, so that when the first pitch is thrown you all have some awesome tools to work with. This will all be free in the early stages of the MLB season, but we are hoping to move the site to a subscription model at some point later in baseball season and ahead of football season. The exact timing of this is far from concrete. I expect our MLB offering to be similar to our NBA offering: dynamic tools that help you objectively and quantitatively evaluate factors that you will want to consider in your roster construction and game selection. Rather than "opponent vs. position" tools, we might have hitters vs. pitchers tools, home plate umpire and park effects tools, weather factor models, etc. We want to dream big with this stuff. So again, if you have any ideas for tools you'd like to see, we're all ears.

Raw Data: More Coming
This one is quick, but we do have lots of good raw data for previous NBA seasons, and NFL and MLB seasons that hasn't been available on the site. We will make some time in the coming month to make all of this data accessible from the site, in case you want to do any offseason data analysis and strategy refining. I think a big aspect of DFS strategy is not only looking forward, but taking the time to look backwards and see where you were right, where you were wrong, and what corrections you can make moving forward so that you can be right more times than you are wrong (or be right even more frequently than you already are, if you happen to be a great DFS player as is). We'll let you guys know when this stuff is available.

Podcasts: Stay Tuned
We're starting to discuss rolling out some audible content. I don't think a daily primer podcast is feasible for myself or Brandon (although if you are someone out there that is feeling up for it, maybe we should have a discussion), but we are hoping to roll out about a half dozen podcasts in the next few months discussing more macro strategies. This could range anywhere from discussion of statistical methodology that goes into our tools and that you can be using in your own strategy development to though pods on the challenges and rewards of grinding DFS as a feasible income stream. We're in the planning stages of this, but I'm hopeful that we'll be able to get some NBA-focused podcast content out there before the season is over, and some MLB content out there before and after when the MLB season kicks off. As the paragraph heading suggests: stay tuned.

New Site: In the Works
We also recognize some of the shortcomings of our current site interface. Most notably, all of our dynamic content is hosted on a app-hosting platform that is not contained within our site. This is a problem, and definitely an area where we could improve user experience. We are planning to move the site from WordPress to Square Space, where we can embed our web applications in the the ASA webpages, so you won't have to click a "LINK TO APP" button anymore. We're trying to find the right person to help with this migration. So if you are reading this and think you have some skills to offer, once again, let's have a discussion. I'm hopeful that we can make this transition some time early in MLB season. As above, stay tuned, we will make you well aware of the new site when we've got it up and running.

Anyways, that's it. We are very pleased with our content development through the middle of the NBA season (we hope you were too), and are very optimistic about what we can achieve for MLB and NFL in the future (and who knows, maybe even NHL, PGA, etc). If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to reach out, we want to build a product that is truly for the people of DFS, and your feedback will help guide us towards that. Good luck in the rest of NBA season, and we hope you are looking forward to baseball season.